UAV applications for wind energy

Operating in challenging environments and at times in extreme conditions, wind turbine ecosystems are exposed to many factors that can disrupt operations. The demand for green energy is increasing around the world and this sudden rapid growth of wind energy will not show signs of slowing down anytime soon. Therefore it is vital for operators to ensure maximum operational efficiency of their wind turbines. When it comes to predictive maintenance, Lufthansa Aerial Services provides safe, reliable and economical UAV solutions that can be used to inspect wind turbines more efficiently. Discover how drone innovations are re-inventing the art of wind turbine inspections.

Turbine planning and construction

drone inspects windmills construction
  • New potential wind farm site identification surveying
  • Pre-construction site surveying
  • Large component logistic monitoring
  • Turbine installation live-monitoring
  • Post installation and hand-over inspection

Turbine structural inspection

Windmills on mountains
  • General visual inspection of turbine
  • Individual component inspection (Shafts, Nacelle, etc.)
  • Periodic rotor blade inspection
  • Environmental impact inspection (corrosion, delamination, etc.)
  • Turbine structure wear and tear inspection

Wind farm management

Windmills park
  • Periodic site perimeter inspection
  • Severe weather site damage inspection
  • Vegetation growth monitoring
  • Asset management
  • Site access route surveying

Our solutions for the wind energy sector

Defect identification

  • Localization of structural cracks and failures
  • Measurement of identified anomalies
measurement of windmill

Digital reporting

  • Digital referencing of point-of-interest position
  • Damage classification
drone close up inspection of windmill

Close-up inspection

  • Surface dilapidation inspection (erosion, corrosion, coating, delamination etc.)
  • Periodic visual inspection of critical components (Nacelle, Lightning protection system, Vortex modules, Anti-Icing System etc.)
drone high resolution imagery of windmill

High resolution imagery

  • Geo-referenced images
  • Live video-link feed of on-going inspection
LH Crane

Digital web platform

  • Centralized interface with interactive tools (mark up, annotations, etc.)
  • Multiple user access for interactive exchange of information

Your benefits


  • Safety enhancement – Reduction of personnel working at heights
  • Less involvement in hazardous environments – Risk minimization e.g.during off-shore inspection


  • Accurate and precised data sets – Ensuring 100% inspection coverage
  • Evidence for every identified irregularity – Workable digital data
Euro Symbol


  • Reduction of expensive conventional methods – Fewer rope teams, platforms and cherry pickers
  • Opportunity for cost reduction – Reduced asset downtime


  • Shorter inspection intervals – Less equipment set-up time needed
  • Resource planning optimization – More efficient allocation of highly skilled labour