Vast potentials for UAV services in a wide range of industries

30. November 2017News

UAV technology provides fascinating new opportunities for asset management and creates a wide range of potential benefits for large-scale industry operators. To present these exciting new developments Lufthansa Aerial Services was invited to create a video showing the team at work as part of the series “Lufthansa Group Innovation Drivers”. In an interview Dr. Benjamin Löhr, Head of Lufthansa Aerial Services, explains how UAV technology has opened up a completely new civil aviation market.

Drone operations require a great amount of in-depth planning and expertise in order to achieve high standards of safety and quality. Lufthansa Aerial Services core business lies in the safe, efficient and professional operation of UAVs covering the entire workflow from flight preparation to data processing. Qualified and experienced UAV pilots operate the fleet of drones. With 60 years of expertise in commercial aviation and as a global player; Lufthansa has all the decisive characteristics to take a leading position in the UAV market in the future.

The video shows the team in action during the inspection of a wind turbine. It is available on YouTube or on the Lufthansa Aerial Services Twitter page.