Taking inspection to a new level of accuracy

8. May 2017News
Powerline from UAV aerial camera

Phase One Industrial, the first to deliver 100-megapixel medium format aerial camera, announced full integration of its iXU and iXU-RS aerial cameras with DJI’s M600 and M600 Pro drones. Built using DJI’s SDK, this is the latest drone platform supported by Phase One Industrial, as it continuously innovates inspection tools uniquely capable of addressing diverse aerial imaging applications, from photogrammetry to critical infrastructure monitoring projects.

Lufthansa Aerial Services recently operated the M600 UAV equipped with the highly developed Phase One iXU150 and iXU1000 aerial camera to inspect the powerlines of one of the largest regional energy providers in Germany. The new inspection process and procedures were developed by Lufthansa Aerial Services, a valuable core competence to ensure that optimal results are achieved during inspection.

UAV technology enables the inspection of areas which are dangerous or extremely difficult to reach. The results achieved during the powerline inspections delivered a new ground-breaking level of accuracy. The images created by the aerial camera have a far superior quality than inspection by conventional methods. It is now possible to achieve close up inspections of details such as the condition of bolts or isolators on pylons and powerlines with a maximum of safety.

The new technologies can be utilized to capture images during the monitoring of assets in a wide range of industries. Energy and infrastructure providers are now able to document the condition of their assets and create a database of accurate photographic records for maintenance and repair purposes.

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