UAV services to simplify the surveying process

Surveying large areas or structures by collecting airborne quality images with UAVs has multiple benefits that conventional methods simply cannot match. The greatest advantage that UAV solutions add to the surveying approach, is to provide the asset owner with multiple actionable data outputs that can optimize surveying techniques and provide more meaningful results.

Lufthansa Aerial Services currently offers three major solutions to improve surveying techniques and provide added value to the asset owner: mapping, 3D modelling and volumetric calculation.

Your benefits

  • Low cost of operation – Reduction of cost along the whole surveying value chain
  • Risk reduction – Minimizing people involvement in high risk surveying operations
  • Fast data acquisition – Fewer people and equipment involved
  • High data resolution – Improved survey quality with low altitude operations
  • Access hard-to-reach areas – Collecting data in areas which are inaccessible to humans


Ideal for large area coverage, UAV mapping solutions provide clients with accurate airborne data that can be processed into multiple output formats. UAV mapping solutions are gaining ground on conventional solutions and are offering surveyors an excellent alternative. UAV mapping applications include:

  • Geo-data for site planning
  • Geological exploration
  • Progress monitoring
  • Earthwork tracking
  • Water and wild life management

3D modelling

The ability to create a 3D model of an infrastructure using data collected from aerial images is an advanced solution that UAV users are finding very attractive. With this solution, surveyors will have the flip-and-turn function that enables deeper analysis of infrastructures and large areas from all angles:

  • Large surface re-construction
  • High-rise structure modelling
  • Digital elevation modelling
  • Digital surface modelling
  • Expanded infrastructure modelling

Volumetric calculation

Volumetric calculation algorithms based on collected aerial images is a new solution that UAVs are providing to several industries. The user has access to advanced information which enables more effective planning. This solution also helps to optimize operations and to provide accurate information for forecasting the next steps, including:

  • Stockpiles volume calculation
  • Cracks and failures measurement
  • Boundaries measurement
  • Mounted structure measurement
  • Earthwork measurement