Safety management and quality assurance

Similar to the aviation industry, Lufthansa Aerial Services operates in an environment where safety is the top priority. We are strongly committed to ensuring that our operations are meticulously planned and carried out according to documented procedures. We constantly promote the principles of safe practice to our employees through regular training. We make sure that a ‘safety first’ attitude is adopted by every member of our company.

Technological quality

Constant on-going hardware development with safety features on top of the agenda

  • Anti-collision system integrated to avoid obstacles
  • Propeller guards for damage limitation in event of a collision
  • Position hold function in case of connection lost to ground operator
  • Return home option in critical situation (low battery, heavy wind, etc.)
  • In-flight endurance check (battery life, altitude, flight duration, etc.)

Personnel safety

Our best-in-class safety culture across the company makes sure personnel safety is not compromised

  • Qualified, experienced and licensed UAV pilots
  • Adequate gear protection for field operation for all personnel involved
  • Training for handling special equipment (batteries, etc.)
  • First-aid capability for every UAV operation event
  • Health and safety training for all our personnel

Operational compliance

Lufthansa Aerial Services operations follow pre-defined standard procedures and rules and regulations set by governing bodies

  • Safety check list for pre and post operations
  • Pilot training program for skills enhancement of UAV pilots
  • Regulation compliance in every environment where our UAV operates
  • Pre-defined operations manual of standard practice for our UAV pilots
  • Risk assessment analysis before operational events