UAV applications for railways

The transformation of the rail industry towards implementing technological innovations is growing fast. Using UAV based aerial solutions for surveying and inspection, delivers significant advantages for rail surveyors during rail maintenance operations. Ranging from rail track and overhead cable inspection to vegetation monitoring and network surveying, UAV solutions are helping to increase safety, reduce costs and speed up maintenance processes.

Railway assets

  • Railway track inspection
  • Overhead cable inspection
  • Component deformation inspection (wooden sleepers, driven rails, etc.)
  • Elevated structures inspection
  • Track work monitoring

Railway ecosystem

Cascade tunnel
  • Rail bridge inspection
  • Landslide on sloped terrain surveying
  • Track perimeter inspection
  • Vegetation growth monitoring
  • Rail station inspection

Our solutions for the railway sector

old narrow-gauge railway

Defect identification

  • Localization of structural cracks and failures
  • Quality control measurement (rail track cross section, deformation, etc.)
Overhead contact wires

Close-up inspection

  • High voltage electric cable anomalies inspection
  • Detailed analysis of elevated structure (pylons, tower, etc.)
Aerial view of the village railway


  • Accurate Digital Elevation Modelling (DEM) for track design and replacement
  • Scaled map generation for rail network planning
Track railroad amongst tropical vegetation

High resolution imagery

  • Aerial visual images of off-track ecosystem (drainage, vegetation, etc.)
  • Integrity inspection of rail assets (building, bridge, stations, etc.)
Choices concept on railway split

Thermal inspection

  • Inspection of heat related components (switch points, traction substation, etc.)
  • Overhead lines monitoring for detection of failures through heat change
LH Crane

Digital web platform

  • Centralized interface with interactive tools (mark up, annotations, etc.)
  • Multiple user access for interactive exchange of information

Your benefits


  • Increase personnel safety with – Less personnel exposure to trackside work
  • Operational safety improvement – Less collision risk of rail maintenance vehicles with commercial trains


  • Fast and accurate data sets – Instant inspection reporting to remotely located surveyor
  • Digitalized workable data – Interactive data for predictive maintenance planning
Euro Symbol


  • Mobilization cost saving of inspection vehicles – Less train wagon inspection
  • Reduction of track possessions – Less planning cost and no service disruptions


  • Optimization of personnel planning and mobilization
  • Digital information support for ground crew advanced equipment planning