UAV applications for power lines

Energy companies face a wide range of challenges when it comes to inspecting their assets. Using UAVs as a substitute for helicopters and rope climbers has several advantages. A drone makes sure that power line asset inspection is 100% covered, reaches areas which are not easily accessible, has a capability of hovering around the targeted object and provides accurate digital information for follow-up tasks. In addition, UAVs reduce the safety risk of working at heights and minimize the contact of ground crews with live wires.

Power line planning and assembly

Pylon and transmission power line in sunset
  • New infrastructure planning surveying
  • Pre-construction surveying
  • Structural installation monitoring
  • Post construction and pre-handover inspection

Periodic structural inspection

  • Pylon top inspection (beam, insulator, overhead ground wire, conductor, etc.)
  • Pylon body inspection (waist, main leg, diagonal, horizontal member, etc.)
  • Pylon base inspection (foundation settlement, etc.)
  • Overhead conducting cable inspection

Power line management

  • Vegetation growth monitoring
  • Post storm damage analysis
  • Hazardous nearby elevated structure surveying
  • Erosion inspection on sloping areas

Our solutions for the energy sector

rusty electricity pylon

Close-up inspection

  • Periodic main components inspection
  • Environmental impact monitoring on structures (e.g. corrosion and rusting)
High voltage tower

High resolution imagery

  • Fast situation assessment and unreported hazard detection
  • Live monitoring of risky and complex operations
Thermal image of high voltage power lines

Thermal inspection

  • Cracks and structural fracture identification
  • Detection of defect components through heat dissipation


  • High-quality elevation maps for infrastructure planning
  • 3D conceptual model for proposed new sites
Power line, power pole

Defect identification

  • Minimum distance measurement between cables and obstacles or vegetation
  • Tension compliance inspection for powerline cables
LH Crane

Digital web platform

  • Centralized interface with interactive tools (mark up, annotations, etc.)
  • Multiple user access for interactive exchange of information

Your benefits


  • Limited personnel exposure to live power lines – Lower risk of fatal accidents
  • Improvement of safety performance – Reduction of working at heights


  • Customized solution – Pre-defined customer requirements
  • Digital evidence of identified irregularities – Automated reporting
Euro Symbol


  • Reduction of expensive conventional methods – Fewer helicopters and working platforms
  • Opportunity for cost reduction – Live inspection on running assets


  • Personnel planning efficiency – Personnel mobilization optimization
  • Resource planning optimization – More efficient allocation of highly skilled labour