New UAV regulations for safer skies over Germany

7. April 2017News
UAV Control Panel

In April 2017 the German Government introduced new laws concerning the use of drones. The regulations come amidst a growing number of people operating UAV’s and the increased risks that large numbers of unregulated drone operations could cause. The new regulations present a set of clear rules to ensure safety in the German airspace.

Federal Transport Minister, Alexander Dobrindt, commented on the great potential, which UAV’s present, but also the rising danger of incidents and accidents. He says that the regulations open up new opportunities for the technology of the future, whilst also improving safety and protecting privacy.
The regulations restrict the use of drones in controlled airspace around airports, in sensitive areas and over certain areas including government buildings, industrial plants, residential areas, nature conservation areas, crowds and gatherings, operations by the police or emergency services.

From now until October 2017, a permit to fly is not mandatory for UAVs weighing less than 5 Kilos as long as the operation is below 100 m and the operation is in Visual Line Of Sight (VLOS).
From October 2017 onwards, any unmanned flying object weighing more than 0.25 Kg must be equipped with a permanently fixed identification plate with a fireproof inscription giving the name and address of the owner. To operate drones weighing more than 2 kilos owners must prove that they have specialist knowledge (proof of knowledge) certified by an officially approved body. All drones over 5 kilos require a permit to fly from the regional authority and its department for aviation matters. Flights above 100 m always require a permit to fly from the regional authority.

For more information on the new regulations, visit the BMVI website

Clear rules for the operation of drones (in German) 

The new drone regulations flyer (in German)