UAV solutions for monitoring assets

Aerial monitoring using UAV technologies can be applied to a wide range of circumstances where an overview is required and access is difficult. Current conventional methods come with a heavy price and do not provide enough flexibility to asset owners. Our aerial monitoring solutions cut operation costs by at least 30% and provide an intelligent monitoring system. UAV monitoring solutions also add automation to the process which guarantees the most effective results in terms of ensuring 100% area coverage.

Your benefits

  • Real-time – Live images of operations for predictive actions
  • Risk reduction – Minimizing people involvement in high risk monitoring operations
  • Fast deployment – Quick access to site
  • High data resolution – Improved data quality with low altitude operation
  • Cost reduction – Replacement of expensive conventional method with less cost intensive UAVs

Real-time monitoring system

By providing live images of on-going operations, our UAV real-time services offer an eye in the sky to monitor dangerous operations. The images are linked to the ground for risk mitigation purposes. In many cases UAV real time services are proving to be an instant success for asset owners to monitor:

  • Structural assembly
  • Critical operations
  • Site work-in-progress
  • Large structure logistics
  • Agriculture

Large area monitoring

Compared to manned aviation, UAV monitoring services offer asset owners more flexibility and accessibility to sensitive areas due to their size and hovering capabilities. This makes identification and detection of anomalies easier and therefore increases operation effectiveness. Some of the applications include monitoring:

  • Hazardous environments
  • Infrastructure networks
  • Natural disasters
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Border control