UAV solutions for asset inspection

UAV based technology provides a cost effective method that has re-defined asset inspection. Asset inspectors acknowledge the fact that UAV solutions are revolutionizing inspection approaches through their efficiency and speed.

Ranging from high rise vertical towers to expansive complex structures, UAV solutions provide end-users meaningful digital data in multiple output formats to make inspection processes easier and faster, whilst keeping cost at a minimum.

Your benefits

  • Fast deployment – Available on short notice to the inspected asset
  • Digitalized high quality data – Workable data that can be processed, analyzed and stored
  • Asset down time reduction – On-going inspection on fully functional assets
  • Hard-to-reach areas access – Ability to operate in different environmental conditions
  • Multiple data outputs – Produce customized results based on client requirements

Close-up inspection

A UAV based close-up inspection provides end-users with a more in-depth analysis of damages of their assets. The captured and processed images enable end-users to identify and measure anomalies on structures before a repair team is activated. The range of UAV inspection applications include:

  • Asset surface conditions
  • High risk areas
  • High altitude assets
  • Hard-to-reach areas
  • Complex structures

Thermal inspection

Thermal inspection is an effective solution which is being used across many industries to increase efficiency. Through heat change detection users have the ability to detect anomalies and failures in areas which are impossible to detect with the human eye or a simple camera. UAV thermal inspection can be applied to several situations including:

  • Insulation failure identification
  • Infrastructure integrity inspection
  • Gas and liquid leakage detection
  • Overheating anomalies detection
  • Structural cracks and failures

General visual inspection

UAV Interaerial Solutions

Applying UAV as a general visual inspection solution can be used for preventive maintenance by the end-customer. It helps to give a quick assessment of assets such as structural conditions, material deterioration and for asset overall status health checks. UAV technology is being used in areas such as:

  • Stand-alone visual inspection
  • Structural periodic inspection
  • Asset end-of warranty inspection
  • Asset rooftop inspection
  • Risk inspection