Innovative technologies on the way to digitalizing the construction industry

6. October 2017News

As a run into the Expo Real, the largest international trade fair for property and investment, Dr Benjamin Löhr was invited to address an exclusive audience from a range of functions in the construction industry. While demonstrating a flying mini-drone to the auditorium, Dr Löhr explained how disruptive technologies have modernized our world today reflecting on examples like from stagecoach to automobile, turn-dial phone to cell phone and helicopter to fixed wing drone. Dr Löhr explained why UAVs are a natural innovative progression for the Aviation Group Lufthansa: “UAV technology has opened a range of opportunities, especially for established players in the aviation industry. We strengthen our position by being part of this development at an early stage”. He also underlined the benefits of Lufthansa’s 60 years of flight experience. “We apply professional aviation procedures to our UAV operations to achieve highest standards of safety and quality”.

UAV technologies are a game changer for many industries with significant advantages over conventional methods. The construction industry has a large number of core processes where UAV support can add real value and improvements such as volumetric measurement, construction progress monitoring, 3D modelling, mapping, site management and environmental impact assessment. There is also huge potential in UAV-based close-up inspections of assets to identify damage or anomalies such as bridge inspection or crack formation monitoring. Dr Löhr concluded: “Using UAV technology we aim to develop efficient inspection services and to digitalize the construction process”.