UAV applications for construction

UAV applications in construction are new methods that are changing the industry for the better. Ranging from site surveying and activity monitoring to logistical planning and resource monitoring, aerial data captured by UAVs are re-inventing the art of building. Engineers, architects and project managers can now use accurate processed data to make faster and better decisions. This not only saves time and money but also speeds-up the construction phase.


Excavator working with earth and sand in sandpit
  • Base model generation for CAD designs
  • Site conditions assessment
  • Site measurement surveying (distance, perimeter, volume, etc.)
  • Physical and environmental hazards detection

On-going construction

Aerial view of industrial zone with new construction site. Industry, development and investment in European Union.
  • Inspection of hard-to-reach areas
  • Construction progress tracking and monitoring
  • Earthwork and inventory measurement (stockpile, extracted materials, etc.)
  • Construction assets monitoring (aggregates, materials, equipment)


  • Comparison of actual vs planned construction work
  • New fault or distress detection caused by construction work
  • Neighbouring land impact surveying
  • Final position and adequacy of all completed work surveying

Our solutions for the construction sector

3D illustration of terrain surface structure


  • Digital Terrain Modelling (DTM) for height and elevation data of site
  • Digital Elevation Modelling (DEM) for height and depth of entire site
Volumetric Analysis

Volumetric analysis

  • Excavated area and volume measurements
  • Extracted stock piles and inventory volumetric calculations
3D Model building

2D and 3D modelling

  • Progress tracking and monitoring analysis
  • Augmented reality of different project phases
new construction building

High resolution imagery

  • Fast situation assessment and unreported hazard detection
  • Live monitoring of risky and complex operations
new construction building balcony

Close-up inspection

  • Hardly accessible spot inspection
  • Compliance and standard requirements inspection

Thermal inspection

  • Building insulations compliance inspection
  • Heat loss detection analysis
LH Crane

Digital web platform

  • Centralized interface with interactive tools (mark up, annotations, etc.)
  • Multiple user access for interactive exchange of information

 Your benefits


  • Personnel safety improvement – Less exposure of site inspectors to construction hazards
  • Operational safety enhancement – On-site live monitoring of dangerous manoeuvres


  • Up-to-date reporting to track progress better – Speed-up decision making
  • Digitalized workable data – Stakeholders interaction through a single platform
Euro Symbol


  • Replacement of conventional methods – Low cost UAV surveying solutions
  • Opportunity for cost reduction – Less operation shutdown


  • Optimization of crew deployment – Shorter notification time for ground crew
  • Short term adjustment of resources – Efficient material procurement