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UAV applications for aviation

Drones are very much regarded as a burden to the aviation industry due to the safety and security concerns they can create. However, UAV technology is also an innovative tool that both airlines and airports are integrating in their daily operations. From aircraft fuselage inspection to airport runway and taxiway surveying, there are numerous advantages that UAVs can create for the dynamic and innovative aviation industry.


LH rudder back
  • Lightning strike inspection
  • Aircraft structure health check inspection
  • De-icing operations monitoring
  • Aircraft maintenance overhaul monitoring
  • Hangar tool logistics


Aerial view of an airport runway
  • Runway and taxiway routine inspection
  • Ground equipment tracking
  • ULD container tracking
  • Airport asset construction monitoring
  • Emergency events monitoring

Our solutions for the aviation sector

Defect identification

  • Cracks and failure measurement (lightning strike, corrosion, etc.)
  • Runway tarmac cracks and failure measurement

Close-up inspection

  • Runway, taxiway and apron periodic inspection
  • Airfield major components inspection (lighting, signs, etc.)
3D Model building

2D and 3D modelling

  • High quality 2D scaled maps for airport construction works
  • 3D conceptual model of airport buildings

Thermal inspection

  • Airframe and major aircraft components quality control inspection
  • Insulation and quality control inspection of airport assets
LH rudder

High resolution imagery

  • Live video-link feed of on-going inspection
  • Geo-reference images of entire asset
LH Crane

Digital web platform

  • Centralized interface with interactive tools (mark up, annotations, etc.)
  • Multiple user access for interactive exchange of information

Your benefits


  • Increase operational safety – Ensuring 100% inspection coverage
  • Personnel safety improvement – No personnel working at heights


  • Detailed and accurate data – Digital proof for documentation and track record
  • Real-time instant feedback on asset’s conditions and corrective measures


  • Fast inspection time – Reduced asset downtime
  • Reliable and effective approach – Technology driven solutions


  • Optimization of personnel planning and mobilization
  • Digital information support for ground crew advanced equipment planning