UAV applications for agriculture

As the demand for food is growing fast, farming methods need a few adjustments to be able to cope. In that context, it is important for farmers to maximize crop performance and get precise information to prevent crop health deterioration. UAV technology offers exactly that to the agriculture sector. Lufthansa Aerial Services UAV solutions provide farmers with the right equipment to scout their field to perfection. The solutions provide accurate and smart data that farmers can use to forecast future expectations, optimize inputs and react quickly to possible threats.

Precision farming

Drone hovering over young corn plantation
  • Pre-planting land surveying
  • Mid-season crop health monitoring
  • Mid-field weed identification
  • Plant counting for yield management
  • Post harvest inspection

Farming operation

Hexacopter with crop sprayer flying in the sky
  • Fertilizer aerial applications
  • Irrigation equipment monitoring
  • Crop scouting
  • Harvest monitoring
  • Cattle herd monitoring

Our solutions for the agriculture sector

Aerial view - rural landscape


  • Digital Elevation Modelling (DEM) for height and depth of land
  • Land surveying for biomass output prediction
Field with rows of corn plants

High resolution imagery

  • Plant identification and counting
  • Post harvest field analysis (vertical strips of residue, tillage patterns, etc.)


  • Normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) analysis
  • Plant health measurement
thermal atmosphere

Thermal inspection

  • Heat detection of live animals in field
  • Field water planning detection and source identification
LH Crane

Digital web platform

  • Centralized interface with interactive tools (mark up, annotations, etc.)
  • Multiple user accessibility for interactive exchange of information

 Your benefits


  • Fast surveying time – Large area coverage in short time
  • Instant digital information – Quick reaction time


  • Advanced accurate data – Better crop yield estimation
  • Digitalized workable data – Interactive data for prediction and forecasting
Euro Symbol


  • Large acres of land coverage at a lower cost – More efficient than conventional methods
  • Reduction of input costs – Better disease management


  • Optimization of personnel planning and mobilization – Less ground personnel on land
  • Efficient operation planning – Optimization of equipment utilization